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They all deserve to die

My name's Orion and I don't even know what my blog is about anymore. Random posts circulating tumblr and fandom things - asoiaf, youtubers, video games, MLP, disney, pixar, and loads of other junk.





And ultimately, it was Ten’s inability to cope with the fact that he’d screwed up so hard and made this mistake that destroyed him. So Ten isn’t just a narrative about regret, it’s about how if you let your regret be your only thing, it’ll eat you up and it’ll kill you. It’s not just a narrative of being a survivor of your mistakes and your collateral damage, it’s a narrative of how if you don’t learn to forgive yourself or find a way to be okay with it, you’ll burn up. 

Sometimes you make shitty decisions and you make terrible mistakes and sometimes those shitty decisions are the only ones you can make. There are no replays, there are no take backs. And you have to find a way to make it work and be okay with it, because those shitty decisions are a part of you but they’re not you all the way through

And the fiftieth took that away.

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